The purpose of this domain is to help share content from the upcoming graphic novel Cupid’s Rising, with potential readers. I appreciate so much any comments anyone is willing to leave on the artwork, as it will help to make for a quality product in the end.

My goal is to self publish an ebook and print on demand version of the work available through multiple markets.

While many friends and family have suggested making a career out of storytelling, it is just not a desire at the moment. Some days I feel like I could tell an epic, and other days I can’t even think of simple things like characters for other projects.

Furthermore, this is intended as a thank you to my friends and family that have been there for me while going through mental illness and struggles of homelessness. I wish to thank all of the wonderful authors, ghost writers and aspiring authors at who have helped me to better myself as a writer, and strive for something I can say I made. I wish to thank the people in mental health services that provide much needed support to those struggling in day to day living, and often without glory or reward.

A special thanks to my brother and lifetime friend Pheonix, whom gave me an idea in an attempt to get me out of being homeless, and my friends Mike-15 and Eddie Fisher that went beyond what anyone could expect or hope in getting me to the place I am today, able to work on this project, and be comfortably in my own home.

While the content is posted for free to view by readers, I ask that no one steal the work. It is intended to get conversation going about the project and hopefully build a fan-base for when publication is a reality.