Meet Logan


I’m Logan and I’m the Artist that has been drawing the third issue of the Buffalo Soldier series. I’m 25 and am currently engaged to my fiance, Izmael, for 6 years. I’ve been creating art for somewhere around 11 years now and I’ve had the time of my life working on this masterpiece.

I wanted to work on this project to see just how far I’ve come in my work- and taking a step back I can say with pride that I think I did a rather good job.

My goals for now are to finally open the bakery that my fiance and I have been working on- I for 11 years and him for 6. I want to get more into creating works of art like this for people, for art is something that I love doing.

If anyone wants to get hold of me feel free to go ahead and let my good friend here, the Author of the Buffalo Soldier series and Cupid Rising, know.