Buffalo Soldier

Another project I have taken on, is the creation of the comic book series about a first nation minotaur, or buffalotaur or buffalo soldier.

The story looks at how forced assimilation led to the loss of cultural identity among peoples effected by the US government during major wars and cultural struggles such as the civil rights movement and viet nam draft. The method is metaphorical, in a sense borrowing from first nation tales and folk lore, as well as other cultural stories from all over the world.

It starts out in the last moments of Iakahweh, as we discover what the government demanded of him and did to his love Ayape. As it progresses, we learn more and more of the hardships of the two, and why the world had changed as it did. In some ways it is a look at how society has shaped itself throughout history, in a fantasy setting.

The first two issues are available for purchase on Amazon and were created completely by myself. At some point, a very kind soul from deviant art took a liking to the series and offered to draw the third issue, allowing me the free time to focus on my major project Cupid’s Rising.