About the Author/Artist:


I am Shandor, my shaman given name as per family story is Ashanti Kuteer, and the meaning varies from supposed Sanskrit of Peaceful Home to more European influence of Thorny Side of God.

I have been writing literature since I was 18, I had written some less serious work in grade school. In fact in the first grade my teacher submitted a sci-fantasy short about a war against aliens to a writing challenge, and I did not place though.

My major early influences were Douglas Adams and epics like Gilgamesh and Antar, though some sources included family stories and fairy tales that my bestest friend in the whole world Steve Levine had read to me as a child, well ok he’s like an uncle or even super amazing friend. Stories like Hidalgo, and Arabian Nights for sure. Some later influences were more involved with first nations folk lore, and then Russian eastern European type folk lore.

My first book attempt was right after having read the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Romance of Antar, which can be found on sacred-texts.com for free reading purposes. I had written maybe 36 pages single spaced on ZohoWriter, and forgot to subscribe, so once I had reached that far, it was gone forever…. From what acquaintances had said it was exceptional for a first attempt. I feel it was probably a weaker story to say the least, as around that time I was experimenting with hallucinogenics such as psychedelic mushrooms.

However, the experience of writing such a work, brought me to desire a course in Creative Writing at a local community college. I did not however really write any note worthy material until much later.

Upon my second year at college, I began having psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia, and became more withdrawn and isolated, and even paranoid to the point I believed everyone was stalking me. I became irritable and convinced of beliefs which simply aren’t true.

I left home at some point, and it was not until a full year later in the middle of Montana that I was diagnosed schizophrenic.

Upon reaching Riverside, I was granted lifetime housing. And I was more able to focus my mind on activities such as writing.

My first publication was Tazchel of Benai I: Gifted Wings; which is a story about some warriors that discover a planet new to the universe, and uncover that one of it’s inhabitants gives warning of a coming foe to the universe.

I had published several smaller ebooks on amazon that were mostly for practice, and at times much enjoyed in the fantasy writing communities. It seemed for a time my most popular publication was a free ebook called 200 Fairy Tales of Kaporu: Book One. Which admitedly is not my greatest work, but I feel if it is given enough thought by the reader, it is enjoyable to say the least. Most readers mention they are enjoyable and offer some light humor.

About Cupid’s Rising:

Cupid’s Rising never even entered into my consciousness until I was walking a highway really early in December, from St George Utah to Venice Beech California. My brother had called me and told me for the fifth time that week, he had a dream about me. Only this time he said I had written a comic book that was quite successful. I asked him what it was called and he said it was Cupid’s Rising. I thought it was a brilliant idea to say the least.

When I had the opportunity, a quick google search showed no one had published anything under such title. And honestly, with stories like Cupid and Psyche it was a wonder why there was no origin story that was standalone for Cupid.

It was not until arriving at The Place in Riverside, that I was gifted two Goldenleaf Notepads that I used to make a very rough and sloppy comic series. I used the ideas from it in writing my first publication.

Finally one morning I had awoke from a dream about something so new and odd to me. I told my friends about it. I said I was going to use it for a book. One great friend Mike told me to dedicate it to him. And it just so happened that a possible anagram for Michael is Lakmi, give or take a few letters, which is an Albanian translation for Cupidity.

Everything fell into place, and within a year I had written the first draft of Cupid’s Rising.

All in all it’s been 5 years of production and research to create this work.

I will try to upload pages once a month of 5 pages to keep things moving. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. And I hope you have a wonderful time consuming the graphic novel that is Cupid’s Rising.

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