The Arrival of a New Series

Hope everyone spent their holidays in reflection and with family.

I am pleased to announce the publication of the first book in the Sun Champion series, Kalvgv: The Woes of Birth

You can currently obtain a copy at lulu. In a few weeks it will be on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other places ebooks are sold.

I really hope you enjoy this story. I enjoyed every moment making it, and alot of energy went into it.

A Legend of a Ginseng

Hello everyone. These last two months have been important to me personally, as last month I celebrated the life of my late grand uncle Brokenfeather, and with this month it continues from the celebration of native heritage.

The family likes to tell a story of a 100 year old ginseng root my grandfather found and lost to a conservation officer. So I decided to make a legend about such a root, only it lives in a way that man does.

The first collection of books are about the Sun Champion Kalvgv, with the first book being Woes of Birth.


This is the cover I have prepared for its upcoming publication on the last sunday of November. Each book of the collection will be released as free ebooks for your enjoyment.

The entire installment of the Sun Champion will then be compiled into a physical version for purchase.

Thank you all, and have a wonderful time.