Technique Realized

So the technique for blending I had used received some negative feedback among artist friends and colleges. While it may be stylistic, it wasn’t my perceived goal. Ideally something remarking of Western comic influence from 60s and 70s Marvel and DC was a goal. However I spoke with a few artists and realized a new look.

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In the first image there is no easy transition of the shades to another. In the second image there is no noticeable texture, and finally in the last image both points are realized.

This is the technique I have decided to use for now for this project. I feel it will allow for a much more appealing and aesthetic work of art.

Update 9-18-17

It’s been a good while with no real progress. I returned tonight and finished a page for polishing later. I have been slowly working on the sequel to the series, trying to achieve it’s own perfection.

Having written this has been so enjoyable along the way.