1st Phase Complete!

Alright, so I was able to complete the line art for the first chapter, thus completing the 1st phase for production. Once the line art is colored, I will return and blend the pages and resubmit the works.

In this first chapter, we will see the drama that is always associated with the personified gods. Personified in the sense that we truly know nothing about what it’s like to be a god, and are incapable of deification.

Actions from earlier will come back on the characters and ruin things for them. Consequences and ramifications to come.

‘All the characters in the story, have some significance to the Morning Star. In terms of pantheons and divinity of stars.

One thing which is important to note about the story, is that Psyche and Cupid never happened in this time line, and are within a separate multi-verse.

Thanks for reading thus far 🙂

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