Progress Update: 8/16/17

Well on the way into the designing of the graphic novel Cupid’s Rising. Already this saturday’s submission of pages is prepared and ready, with the exception of one page.

I am trying to set up a gallery page for the artists that have helped me in my journey in some way or another, to celebrate the creative methods of people who are truly good people. If you know anyone wanting to be featured in the gallery section, feel free to contact me using the form at Contact Page.

A big thanks to Beth Turnage! She has set up a special site for Sci-fi/Fantasy authors and has promised to include this blog in the feed for the future. She is a wonderful person, and professionally ghost writes for a living, she also has some of her own works. Be sure to check her out on Amazon.

I have not figured out how to protect younger viewers for future submissions of the art, as some of the material gets quite heavy and dark and nsfw at times, not that it will be terribly graphic, but the nature may upset some people. So please be aware of this. It should not arise for the near future however.

I am working on reformatting the novel to a smaller publication size, and reduce page count as to make it more affordable for the future.

Aho matak iokahwah.

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