The Arrival of a New Series

Hope everyone spent their holidays in reflection and with family.

I am pleased to announce the publication of the first book in the Sun Champion series, Kalvgv: The Woes of Birth

You can currently obtain a copy at lulu. In a few weeks it will be on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other places ebooks are sold.

I really hope you enjoy this story. I enjoyed every moment making it, and alot of energy went into it.


A Legend of a Ginseng

Hello everyone. These last two months have been important to me personally, as last month I celebrated the life of my late grand uncle Brokenfeather, and with this month it continues from the celebration of native heritage.

The family likes to tell a story of a 100 year old ginseng root my grandfather found and lost to a conservation officer. So I decided to make a legend about such a root, only it lives in a way that man does.

The first collection of books are about the Sun Champion Kalvgv, with the first book being Woes of Birth.


This is the cover I have prepared for its upcoming publication on the last sunday of November. Each book of the collection will be released as free ebooks for your enjoyment.

The entire installment of the Sun Champion will then be compiled into a physical version for purchase.

Thank you all, and have a wonderful time.


Technique Realized

So the technique for blending I had used received some negative feedback among artist friends and colleges. While it may be stylistic, it wasn’t my perceived goal. Ideally something remarking of Western comic influence from 60s and 70s Marvel and DC was a goal. However I spoke with a few artists and realized a new look.

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In the first image there is no easy transition of the shades to another. In the second image there is no noticeable texture, and finally in the last image both points are realized.

This is the technique I have decided to use for now for this project. I feel it will allow for a much more appealing and aesthetic work of art.


Update 9-18-17

It’s been a good while with no real progress. I returned tonight and finished a page for polishing later. I have been slowly working on the sequel to the series, trying to achieve it’s own perfection.

Having written this has been so enjoyable along the way.


Cupid’s Rising Update 8-27-17

A new compact version of the novel is now available, it is cheapest if purchased through the publisher’s website, as amazon can expect to be 50% higher in cost. http://www.lulu.com/shop/leon-sandcastle/cupids-rising/paperback/product-23299283.html

Things have slowed a bit for production, but I feel a new wave of creativity coming.qrtdone I have started the slow process of blending the work. This one frame took about 4 hours to complete, it is a slow process but I feel it’s necessary for creating quality work.

I apologize that this week’s submission is one page short, but my schedule has been hectic these days.


1st Phase Complete!

Alright, so I was able to complete the line art for the first chapter, thus completing the 1st phase for production. Once the line art is colored, I will return and blend the pages and resubmit the works.

In this first chapter, we will see the drama that is always associated with the personified gods. Personified in the sense that we truly know nothing about what it’s like to be a god, and are incapable of deification.

Actions from earlier will come back on the characters and ruin things for them. Consequences and ramifications to come.

‘All the characters in the story, have some significance to the Morning Star. In terms of pantheons and divinity of stars.

One thing which is important to note about the story, is that Psyche and Cupid never happened in this time line, and are within a separate multi-verse.

Thanks for reading thus far 🙂


Progress Update: 8/16/17

Well on the way into the designing of the graphic novel Cupid’s Rising. Already this saturday’s submission of pages is prepared and ready, with the exception of one page.

I am trying to set up a gallery page for the artists that have helped me in my journey in some way or another, to celebrate the creative methods of people who are truly good people. If you know anyone wanting to be featured in the gallery section, feel free to contact me using the form at Contact Page.

A big thanks to Beth Turnage! She has set up a special site for Sci-fi/Fantasy authors and has promised to include this blog in the feed for the future. She is a wonderful person, and professionally ghost writes for a living, she also has some of her own works. Be sure to check her out on Amazon.

I have not figured out how to protect younger viewers for future submissions of the art, as some of the material gets quite heavy and dark and nsfw at times, not that it will be terribly graphic, but the nature may upset some people. So please be aware of this. It should not arise for the near future however.

I am working on reformatting the novel to a smaller publication size, and reduce page count as to make it more affordable for the future.

Aho matak iokahwah.


Welcome and Thank you!

Welcome to my domain! I appreciate you taking the time to check things out, and if you feel so inclined, commenting on things you see.

Especially, thank you for your time today.

Please remain safe and well in your days, and be as happy as possible. The best 🙂